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White Side Cut Swimsuit with Pink Petals

White Side Cut Swimsuit with Pink Petals

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• One-piece swimsuit with a unique side cut design.
• Features charming pink chiffon petal trim.
• Comes with a matching poncho cover-up.
• Recognized as a best-selling item for girls.

• Color: White swimsuit with pink petal details.
• Set: Includes one swimsuit and matching poncho cover-up.

• The swimsuit features an elegant side cut out, providing a fashionable twist on the traditional one-piece.
• Adorned with a delicate pink chiffon petal trim that adds a lively touch to the overall design.
• The set includes a matching poncho cover-up to offer protection and privacy when needed.
• A fashionable, best-selling choice for girls wanting to look stylish at the pool or the beach.

• Reveals a sense of style with its unique design and vibrant petal trim.
• Offers versatility with both swimwear and poncho cover-up included in the set.
• Provides an additional layer of protection and modesty with the complimentary poncho.
• Serves as a complete swim outfit, which makes it ideal for travel or quick poolside changes.

Always ensure that the garment fits perfectly and securely to prevent accidents in the water. Do not leave children unattended while they are swimming, regardless of the swimwear they are wearing. This product is not designed as life-saving or floatation device. Parents and caregivers should always remain vigilant and supervise children during swimming activities.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Fashion-Forward Swimwear for Girls

This swimsuit set is a hit! My daughter is the most fashionable girl at the beach with the eye-catching side cut and pretty petal details. We get so many compliments, and the poncho is a brilliant addition for when the sun gets too much. Super happy with this purchase!

Pretty in Pink Petals

I absolutely adore this one-piece swimsuit for my daughter! The side cut design is both fun and fashionable, giving it a unique twist we haven't seen elsewhere. The pink chiffon petals are so charming, and she loves the matching poncho cover-up. It's perfect for our vacations because it's a complete set ready to go!

A Bit Pricey But Worth It

Was hesitant at first due to the price point but caved in when I saw how much my daughter loved the design. Quality is fantastic, and the poncho is incredibly handy. It's an all-in-one that brings smiles and fits beautifully.

The Essential Swimsuit for Little Fashionistas!

This swimsuit is a staple for any little girl who loves the water. The elegant design and poncho cover-up are such sophisticated touches you don't usually find in children's swimwear. It's her go-to set for pool parties and beach days!

Pool Ready in Seconds!

I love how this swimsuit set minimizes pool prep time. The cut out side is playful, and the petal trim has a lovely flair that makes my daughter excited to swim. It's a gorgeous set that exudes summer fun!