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Wireless Lapel Microphone

Wireless Lapel Microphone

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- The YAIUZGOO J20 is a professional-grade wireless lapel microphone designed for a variety of applications, including broadcasting, recording, conferencing, and social media live streaming.
- This microphone offers a transmission distance of up to 60 meters, a sound delay of less than 25ms, and supports headphone monitoring.
- The All-in-One version includes additional cables for versatile connectivity options.


- Model: J20
- Material: ABS
- Transmission Distance: 60M
- Sound Delay: ≤25ms
- Headphone Monitoring: Supported
- Battery Life: 8 hours (up to 24 hours with charging bin)


- The package includes a box, two furry windbreaks, two mic transmitters, one receiver, one charging cable, and instructions.
- The All-in-One version additionally includes a 3.5 audio cable, an IOS adapter cable, and a Type-C adapter cable.
- The microphone employs noise reduction technology for a superior listening experience.
- It is designed for plug-and-play operation, requiring no additional drivers or software.


- Provides professional-grade audio quality for a variety of applications.
- Offers long-range transmission and minimal sound delay for real-time audio capture.
- Supports headphone monitoring for real-time audio feedback.
- The All-in-One version offers versatile connectivity options for various devices.
- Durable ABS construction ensures long-term use.


- This microphone is compatible with all iPhone/iPad models, all Android systems, and 3.5 interface audio devices. However, it does not support original camera recording on Samsung series mobile phones and is not compatible with Motorola and Xiaomi Redmi Note Series.
- Android users must turn on the OTG switch in the phone system settings before using the microphone.
- If you encounter any problems, please contact us for assistance.
- For OPPO/VIVO/IQOO/Realme and other brands of cell phones, you need to go to the settings to search "OTG" and open it, then the microphone can be used normally.
- This product can only be used for cell phones and laptops, not for GoPro, DJI, insta360, and other camera devices. However, the 3.5 audio cable within the All-in-one version can be used on devices with 3.5 audio jacks.
- If you purchased the wrong port by mistake, please contact our customer service for assistance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Does not disappoint!

I primarily use it for conferencing on my laptop, and the YAIUZGOO J20 has been a stellar addition to my tech arsenal. The 25ms sound delay is virtually unnoticeable, and battery life is reliable for a full day's work. Heads up for GoPro users though, it's not compatible.

Lapel microphone that truly delivers!

I purchased the YAIUZGOO J20 for my daily online streamings and this microphone is a game-changer. It provides crystal clear audio and the long-distance transmission is astounding, never losing signal. Being able to monitor the sound via headphones in real-time is a fantastic feature. The durability of the ABS material gives me confidence it will last.

Outstanding Mic for Professionals

In the world of broadcasting, audio quality is king, and the J20 delivers it with aplomb. Its minimal sound delay allows impeccable real-time feedback and the ABS material shows they didn't skimp on build quality. Sure, it's not the cheapest, but you're paying for a professional-grade product.

Good mic, with notes for Android users

Great mic for streaming! Love the fact that it supports headphone monitoring. But for Android users, remember to turn on the OTG switch; gave me a bit of a start at first. Also, not compatible with my Samsung's original camera recording, which was a minor setback.

Superb range for outdoor events

I used the YAIUZGOO J20 for a large outdoor event, and it performed superbly. The transmission distance was a game-changer. The only downside: the OTG setting for Android is not that intuitive, so there's a small hassle if you're not tech-savvy.