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Woolen Felt Splicing Tube Tunnel

Woolen Felt Splicing Tube Tunnel

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• A highly interactive, fun Woolen Felt Splicing Tube Tunnel designed to keep your cat engaged and entertained.
• Splice-able tubes that allow for varying sizes and shapes, providing multiple play configurations.

• Material: Made with a soft, high-quality woolen fabric that is comfortable for your cat and durable enough for continuous play.
• Dimensions: Ideal for different space configurations – spliceable tubes can be arranged to fit the needs of your specific space.
• Weight: Lightweight construction for easy movement and portability.

• The Woolen Felt Splicing Tube Tunnel is built with interactive play in mind, ideal for keeping your feline friend engaged and entertained.
• Made with soft, comfortable, and durable woolen fabric ensuring the tunnel holds up to continuous play.
• Comes with splice-able tubes to adjust size or create new shapes, stimulating the curiosity and playfulness of your cat.

• Provides a fun, private space for your cat to play, explore, and relax.
• Adjustable configuration enriches your cat's environment, reducing boredom and encouraging exercise.
• The soft and comfortable material can contribute to your cat’s comfort, which is important for maintaining a happy and healthy pet.
• Lightweight design makes it easy to relocate, providing new sceneries for your cat.


While the Woolen Felt Splicing Tube Tunnel is designed to be safe for use, please ensure to routinely check the spliced connections for any signs of wear or damage to prevent any potential safety hazards for your furry friend. Always supervise them during playtime to ensure they are not ingesting parts of the toys. Furthermore, this product is not suitable for larger pets or children.

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Customer Reviews

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The Best Investment for My Cat's Happiness!

My cat has never been so active and happy! This splicing tube tunnel is super easy to set up in different shapes and it's soft yet impressively durable. It?s really enriched my kitty?s playtime and brought out so much joy. Worth every penny!

Hours of Fun for My Fur Babies!

I was hesitant at first, but this Woolen Felt Splicing Tube Tunnel has been a hit with my two cats! The splice-able tubes are a game-changer, allowing me to create different configurations to keep it fresh and engaging. The material is soft yet durable, and I appreciate how light it is to move around. Paws up from my kitties!

Great Play Tunnel with Minor Cons

I'm quite pleased with this purchase. The Woolen Felt Splicing Tube Tunnel is well-made and my cat enjoys it. The only downside is the lightweight nature makes it shift when my cat plays too enthusiastically. Otherwise, it's a wonderful addition to our home!

Cozy and Versatile Tunnel

Luna absolutely loves her new Splicing Tube Tunnel. The quality of the fabric is superb, and it's super easy to configure. I only wish it came in a few more colors to match my living room decor. Other than that, it's a fantastic play structure for my cat.

Endless Fun and a Stylish Cat Accessory

Not only does this Woolen Felt Splicing Tube Tunnel provide endless entertainment for my cats, but it's also quite stylish. It blends in well with my chic apartment aesthetics. Durable, soft, and a cat magnet - it?s a five-star product all the way!