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Youth Nose Rider Tee

Youth Nose Rider Tee

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• A stylish Youth Nose Rider Tee designed for all young lovers of water activities.
• Perfect for casual wear, whether at the beach, on a boat, or even just at home.


• Dimensions: Depends on the size selected
• Weight: Approximate range of 150-200g, depending on size.
• Materials: High-quality, comfortable, and durable cotton blend fabric


• This Youth Nose Rider Tee comes in various colour and size options to suit your kid's style and preferences.
• The tee features a unique 'Nose Rider' print, appealing to water enthusiasts and creating a cool look.
• Made of soft, lightweight fabric, it's perfect for all-day wear, whether at the beach or out in town.
• Easy to wash and maintain with minimal shrinkage.


• Offers your child a comfy and stylish tee that reflects their love for water activities.
• Crafted from a durable cotton blend, ensures longevity of the tee after multiple wears and washes.
• Lightweight and breathable fabric makes it an ideal option for warmer days or activities.
• Effortless to clean and resist shrinking, saving time and ensuring the tee retains its original size and shape.


Make sure to check the tee’s size chart before purchase to ensure a suitable fit for your child. Remember, improper fit can cause discomfort. This tee should also be washed with like colours to prevent bleeding onto other clothes. Despite the tee's durability, take care not to use harsh detergents or bleach as it can damage the print and fabric.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Super Cute and Durable

We've had some clothing items that just couldn't withstand my daughter's active lifestyle, but the Youth Nose Rider Tee has been an exception. It goes from playground to poolside without any compromise in quality or comfort.

Great shirt, but double-check the size

While my daughter loves the shirt's design and feel, I recommend really ensuring you get the right size. We had a slight issue as it was a tad snug. Nevertheless, the shirt is of good quality and she still enjoys wearing it despite the fit.

Stylish and Comfortable!

The Youth Nose Rider Tee is a favorite with my kids. They have different colors, and absolutely love the softness of the fabric. As a parent, I'm happy with the quality and the fact that it holds up well in the wash.

My kid won't take it off!

I have to negotiate with my son every time we have to wash his Youth Nose Rider Tee, he never wants to take it off! He loves the design, and I'm impressed with the shirt's longevity despite the frequent wear and cleaning.

Fits our Beach Lifestyle

This has been an amazing addition to my son's summer wardrobe. The fabric breathes well, and it's perfect for those hot, sunny days on the beach. The Nose Rider print is still vibrant after many adventures and wash cycles.