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Zipper Clip Fixer Broken Buckle

Zipper Clip Fixer Broken Buckle

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• A pack of 10 pieces Zipper Clip Fixer Broken Buckles.
• Handy tools ideal for fixing zippers on travel bags, suitcases, and backpacks.

• Total length: 55mm
• Rope Length: 40mm
• Zipper Pull: 25mm
• Quantity included: 10PCS

• These zipper clip fixers are made to replace broken zippers swiftly and conveniently.
• Each fixer comprises of a 40mm rope and a 25mm zipper pull.
• The total length of each zipper rope is 55mm.
• The package includes a generous amount of 10 pieces in each pack.

• Allows easy and quick correction of broken zippers, eliminating the need for replacing the entire zipper.
• Distinct design that is adjustable to fit together with various types of zippers.
• Perfect for fixing zippers on outdoor tools, travel bags, backpacks, suitcases, and more.
• A practical and economical solution for extending the lifespan of your items with zippers.

Please ensure that the dimension of the zipper that needs fixing matches the size of the zipper clip fixer before purchasing. Also, keep away from children as the small parts could pose a choking hazard.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Mixed Results but Overall Positive

I customize my camping gear a lot, so these fixers have come in handy. Not all my items had zippers that matched the size perfectly, but for the ones that did, these fixers were excellent. They're quite durable and simple to put on.

Small Parts, Big Solutions!

I've used these on various items such as my camera bag and a few old jackets. They're surprisingly sturdy for being such a simple fix. Measurements were as described, and the 10PCS set means I have a few spare for future zipper disasters.

Fashion and Functionality United

I had a vintage designer bag with a broken zipper, and these fixers blended right in! They're discreet and functional, significantly cheaper than a professional repair. Definitely recommend for those fashionable emergencies!

Essential for Hikers!

I'm thrilled about these zipper pulls! As someone who spends a lot of time hiking and camping, they have already fixed several of my gear bags. The adjustable design fits different zipper sizes, which is a bonus. I love that they don't require any tools to install.

Fly Without Worry!

I've used these on my travel duffel, and they've survived several flights so far. The zipper clip fixers were a breeze to attach and much more secure than the makeshift knot I had before. A practical travel accessory for sure!